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Weight Loss Calculator

You can estimate how many kg/lbs you can lose right now before you start your weight loss program. This will help you make a decision which weight loss method or product is good for you. Enter your current weight (do you know how to measure your weight?) and choose how long you are going to continue your weight loss program. Weight loss calculator will now show you how many kg/lbs you can lose when you use different methods.

Weight Loss Calculator

Your Weight: 
Months to Use: 
Your BodyNew WeightLostAction
Before Weight Loss:
Body Weight
80 kg
176 lbs
Body Weight57.2 kg
126 lbs
22.8 kg
50 lbs
Body Weight58.8 kg
130 lbs
21.2 kg
47 lbs
Body Weight71.3 kg
157 lbs
8.7 kg
19 lbs
After Diet Weight Loss Diets
Body Weight
65.9 kg
145 lbs
14.1 kg
31 lbs
After Exercises Weight Loss Exercises
Body Weight
65.3 kg
144 lbs
14.7 kg
32 lbs
Please note, results shown in this weight loss calculator are based on average usage. Results will vary, these results are only meant as a guidance to your new weight!

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