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Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

Do Appetite Suppressants Work?One of the biggest issues a person has in losing weight is the feeling of hunger. If you start dieting where you eat less you can always feel hungry. This feeling eventually causes you to go off the new fad diet and start to eat like you did before. As your brain is telling you that you are hungry you keep eating until you feel full or overfull.

This type of weight loss cycle is not going to help you reduce your body fat. In fact, your body might start to feel that you are starving and it needs to store any of the fats you eat. You can be working against yourself when it comes to losing weight.

To help you stop this there are products sold in prescription and natural form. They are called appetite suppressants. They come in a pill form for ease. An appetite suppressant is designed to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a natural neurotransmitter that goes from your brain to your stomach telling you when you are full. When the level of serotonin is higher you will start to feel full. It is a trick of the brain, basically.

How Appetite Suppressants Work

The idea is that you do not have the pangs of hunger so you eat fewer calories, thus you start to lose weight because your body is using the stored fats to provide you with energy. As you can guess this is just the beginning of reducing the fat your body has.

You cannot take appetite suppressants throughout your entire life. In fact, those with a BMI over 27 can be at risk of side effects. If you already have a health condition it could lead to further complications. The prescription suppressant is Phentermine or Adipex-p. It is recommended to take this prescription for only two weeks due to side effects that present on longer use.

Common Ingredients of Appetite Suppressants

Natural suppressants are starting to become more popular like Konjac Root, Glucomannan, Phen375 or Hoodia. They often contain L-Carnitine, Capsaicin, and Citrus Aurantium. All of these ingredients are naturally occurring and something you can find in foods. By taking it in pill form you are helping your body digest it and feel full faster. The pill is taken before you eat to help you avoid eating too much at once.

Be aware that suppressants are not to be taken on a long term basis, even in natural pill form. If you want to truly lose weight you need to change your lifestyle for a healthier diet and well-rounded exercise routine. The combination of all three ensures you are reducing body fat stores and losing weight.

The downside to suppressants is you will once again feel hungry the minute you stop taking them if you do not change your eating habits. You should have a habit of eating foods that fill you up, give you proper energy, and protein. Otherwise, even if your stomach starts to reduce in size so you feel less hungry after the pills you have the potential of still retaining the weight you want to lose.

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