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Compare Weight Loss Methods

Your ability to lose weight and reduce body fat is definitely determined by the weight loss methods you use. There are several methods out there and not all will provide the results you hope for. It is a matter of starting out with the right frame of mind to reduce the fat stores in your body in order to see the results you desire.

Weight Loss Results

There are individuals who have lowered their weight by up to 30 kg / 65 lbs in a matter of three months. This is done through a healthy diet, exercise, and fat burners that help the initial reduction of body fat.

Results are going to vary depending on your current weight, BMI, and your lifestyle. Your commitment and desire to lose weight will also determine your results. Bear in mind that results also differ due to health conditions you may suffer from, as well as fat to muscle mass conversion. Muscle does weigh more than fat.

Please note, results shown in this graph are based on average usage for a 120 kg / 265 lbs person who is 40 kg / 88 lbs overweight. Results will vary, these results are only meant as a guidance to your weight loss! Use our Weight Loss Calculator for more accurate and precise calculations.

Success Rates

Like results the success rates are going to vary; however, up to 97% of individuals who commit to losing weight by changing their diet, exercising, and using fat burners initially, have success losing weight. However, some of the other methods have poor success rate and even if you continue your new lifestyle, they may fail to work. That's why it's suggested you should choose methods with higher success rate.

Weight Loss Safety

It is important to speak with a doctor about health conditions you may have before you begin your weight loss method. Choosing to eat healthier and adding minimal exercises two to three times a week is going to ensure better long term health, as well as offer weight loss. As long as there are no underlying health conditions or ones that can potentially develop most methods to reduce body fat are safe.

There are some side effects like digestion problems, anxiety, or even heart conditions that might be caused by diets, exercises and pills. Gastric bypass surgery may cause more complications and side effects.

Weight Loss Cost

Finally, you should take into consideration the cost of particular weight loss methods. Fat burners, appetite suppressants, and detoxification pills, which all help the initial weight loss regime are inexpensive costing between $20 and $200 (USD) depending on your supply. If you obtain a six month supply you may pay $200 for the supply.

Weight loss surgery is effective but it's extremely expensive: the typical costs can run from $10,000 to $35,000. Creating a custom detailed diet plan will cost from $200 to $2,000. A six month membership in a fitness center may also cost up to $300.

Compare Weight Loss Methods

Check the comparison chart for results, success, safety, and cost of fat burners, appetite suppressants, and detoxification pills. Compare the different products and also compare diet and exercise with weight loss methods to see how effective combining a pill with healthy diet and exercise is.

Use the Weight Loos guide, based on latest medical studies and research in weight loss and health care to find the best method:

How to reduce fat?